Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ingenious Ideas & Helpful Hints for you & your home. Part 1

Keep your boots off the floor by hanging them with pant hangers!! If you think the clips would leave marks on the boots you could prevent this by stuffing a thick piece of fabric of newspaper between the clip and the boot. I think this is GENIUS!!

Lose a screw in your glasses? Just slip in an stud earring and secure it with the back.

Organizing you kitchen? Then why not hang your pans on a curtain rod?
Again, this would eliminate having to heavy stack to get a pan from the bottom. OMG...WHY DIDN'T SOMEONE SHOW THIS & THE NEXT TO ME 40 YRS. ago???

Use tension curtains to organize cutting boards and sheet pans. This sure beats having to lift a heavy stack to get what you need out of the bottom. 

Garden planters are a great way to organize kids toys. I also plan on hanging a few in our pantry to hold apples, oranges, onions, and garlic. What would you organize with these? Tools in your shed? Seed packets and other gardening stuff? in your closet to hold scarves, belts, and lingerie? How about next to the toilet to hold extra rolls of toilet paper? Would even be great above the bath for kids bath toys, loofahs, shampoo and conditioner. So many possibilities!!!

This is just Part 1 of a series I hope to post from shares everywhere!!! We can't be reminded enough of neat ideas, solutions that not only help save us space, but our pocketbooks, and OUR BACKS!!!  Want to share? Just drop me an email. I would love to share your ideas here and I am sure others would love hearing them! glass is empty, and my yawns are getting wider. Time to hit the hay...and get some sleep. Thanks for reading my blog, and I sure hope these IDEAS help you! ...remember...SHARE ....SHARE......SHARE....


  1. Great ideas Vicki. I am going to share ypour blog with my wife.

  2. I love the boot solution But Id have to build another closet for my many boots

  3. great Wayne....thanks!!!! lol....I know.....I can't wear boots....but so love this idea!!!